Prayer letter May 2018

Do All Things …

Phil 2:13-14 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. 14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings:

Notice the tension in thought in these two verses: 1) v. 14 … without murmurings and disputings, 2) v. 13 … his good pleasure. These bad reactions can arise from “doing” God’s will. Some things that God wills for us are not, on the surface, all that pleasurable to our natural way of thinking. It would do us well to take pleasure in God’s will and to resist our innate tendency to murmur and dispute against it. By faith, take heart that if God wills it, He takes good pleasure in us doing it. What could possibly be more beneficial for you than doing “… of his good pleasure”!

We know that it is always God’s good pleasure for sinners to “… come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9). I have found a good “ice-breaker” to employ with someone I want to witness to. Simple, yet effective. Say this as you approach the person: “Amos 4:12, in the Bible, says this: ‘… prepare to meet thy God.’ Is there some way I could help you prepare to meet Him?” Even if your “divine appointment” isn’t interested, you have planted the seed of God’s Word in his heart! Who knows how God will use that encounter in days to come? It could become the catalyst that drives him to his knees one day!

We had revival and visitation meetings in Smith State Prison and Rogers State Prison that were greatly blessed by the Lord. We saw 31 men hopefully repent and trust the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving Him into their spirits. In one particular encounter, I was dealing with an inmate at his cell door. After twenty minutes or so, we knelt and he repented of his sin, and called on the Lord Jesus Christ to save him. I then gave him some tracts and booklets to help him get a good start in his Christian life. As I looked through the little window in his cell door, I noticed another inmate. I asked him if he was saved, and he said, “Yes. I just got saved!” That’s enough to make the dead smile! A lady inmate received the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior at the Haralson County Jail after I preached and gave the invitation. Her response was priceless to me. She said that she had several times made profession of faith in Christ, but it was not until this night that I really understood the Gospel in its fullness. She said, “Thank you for making it so clear!” Little did she know, but it wasn’t me, but the Holy Spirit was is in me! We also had 6 men and 1 dear lady saved at Evans County Jail, in Claxton, GA. Please pray for these new converts.