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Rich and Linda Fulton, Rock of Ages Missionaries

About Us

Rich and Linda 2020

Rich and Linda Fulton, Missionaries to the Imprisoned

Linda and I resigned as missionaries as of July 1, 2008, in order to provide ongoing care for her aging mother. We have no regrets for having served in Ireland for 17 years. Now we look forward to seeing God use us here.

Linda and I were saved under the ministry of Great Lakes Baptist Temple, in Flint, Michigan, under the leadership of Pastor Gerald Cheney. Linda was born-again in the summer of 1969. She was led to Christ by Martha Edwards, and Emily Hulverson in our home one Monday evening during church visitation. I was saved on Easter Sunday morning, March 29, 1970, during the morning service at the church. I surrendered to preach in March, 1977, began attending Baptist Bible College East in August, 1977, and graduated in May, 1980. Right after that, we started Heritage Baptist Church, in Fairfield, Connecticut, in July, 1980. I served as pastor there until February, 1990.

Linda and I were approved as BBFI missionaries in September, 1990, and began our first term in IRELAND in December, 1991. Our first term in IRELAND was spent relieving Cliff and Linda Goodwin (BBFI missionaries) during their fourteen-month furlough. When Bro. Goodwin died unexpectedly in April, 1992, the church called me to be their pastor. Our sending church was Great Lakes Baptist Temple, where David Chittenden is now the pastor. We were privileged to be the first missionaries sent out of Great Lakes Baptist Temple who were saved in the church.

We are presently living in Dallas, Georgia, and are members of White Oak Springs Baptist Church there, where Bro. Keith Lee is pastor. White Oak is our sending church while we serve as missionaries with Rock of Ages Ministries. We’ve never been more excited about the Lord and His work than now. We are blessed!