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Rich and Linda Fulton, Rock of Ages Missionaries

Must Read

Our Proclamation

Our message is the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ as defined in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, which states that Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead in accord with the Scriptures. It is an exclusive Gospel because salvation of the soul is had in trusting in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection ALONE. It is a sufficient Gospel because Jesus is God in the flesh. It is a finished Gospel, because having died and shed His blood once, Jesus never shall suffer again. It is a universal Gospel, for it is offered to all men. It is a quickening Gospel, for every believer becomes a new creature in Christ.


Our Purpose

Our goal is for all men to glorify God and for all men to enjoy Him forever. Our means is to establish indigenous, autonomous, independent Baptist churches whereever we minister. An independent Baptist church is an assembly of born-again, baptised (by immersion after conversion) believers, who have joined together for the purpose of fulfilling the goal as already stated. A means to that end is working out in our lives the Great Commission as given in Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15. Luke 24:46-48, John 20:21, and Acts 1:8. We will labor for Holy Spirit-given revival as God gives grace. We see this world’s system coming to a rapid conclusion. May our Lord find us busy in His vineyard, bringing in His harvest, for His glory.


Our Plea

TO BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS: Only by losing your life do you actually gain it. The life we are to lose is our old sinful, carnal nature. The life we are to gain is God’s life. Jesus’ admonition to lose our lives is a call to consciously lay aside our life, and to take up His. As we do that, we experience revival (life again). Our plea is to take the Lord at His word (Colossians 3:4), and access the very life of Jesus for power and enabling in ministry.

TO OTHERS: Repent [change your mind, which leads to a change in actions] of your lost condition before God, and trust Jesus Christ ALONE to be your Lord and Saviourand Life. No one can be saved by works or human merit. Count as nothing the value of your goodness, and trust in Christ’s righteousness ALONE as your salvation. Then join a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church, and begin to practise everything which Jesus commands you in His Word to do (Matthew 28:18-20). Remember, Jesus is not only involved with our salvation, He is our salvation. You must receive HIM, not just receive facts ABOUT Him (John 1:11, 12). Receiving Him brings about the new birth experience