Rich and Linda Fulton, Rock of Ages Missionaries

Our Testimony

  1. Salvation testimony
    1. Linda

i.   Linda received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in the summer of 1969. She was led to the Lord by two ladies from Great Lakes Baptist Temple. She was Catholic when she began working at the church as a paid nursery worker. It soon became apparent to those who knew her that she was not saved. After she was saved, she immediately began to be active in the church. The radical change in her life did not go unnoticed by me. She became a junior girl’s Sunday School teacher, and joined the choir. She also was active in the soul winning ministry of the church.

ii. She believed on Jesus as her personal Savior. She put her dependence on the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. She trusted that Jesus had died on the Cross as her Substitute, paying the sin debt that she rightly owed. She believed that Jesus rose bodily from the grave. She trusted that He was, and is, Almighty God.

iii.                        Linda has remained faithful since her conversion to Christ in 1969. She has been a loyal wife and Christian worker. She has been a deacon’s wife, pastor’s wife, and missionary wife. She has faithfully gone wherever Rich has been called.

    1. Rich

i.   I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on Easter Sunday morning, March 29th, 1970, at Great Lakes Baptist Temple. The church had been praying for me to be saved for around nine months. I had been under much conviction since first visiting the church in December, 1969. I quit smoking and cursing in an attempt to relieve the load of guilt I was under, but nothing seemed to help. In desperation, I attended the above mentioned service, and was wondrously saved.

ii. I was saved by putting my dependence upon Jesus, the God-man. I believed that He died in my place, as my sin-bearer. I believed that He paid the penalty for all my sins (past, present and future). I believed that He shed His precious blood as the payment for my sins. I believed that He arose from the grave three days later to prove that He was victorious over sin, hell and the grave.

iii.                        The Lord means more and more to me every day. I am thoroughly excited to be a child of God, and even more excited to be in the ministry with Him.

  1. Call to the ministry
    1. Seven years after I was saved, in April, 1977, I attended a pastor’s conference. During the conference, the Lord called me to surrender for full time ministry. The following Sunday, I announced my call to the church (Great Lakes Baptist Temple). In August, 1977, we sold our house, and moved to Shrub Oak, NY, where I enrolled in Baptist Bible College East, a daughter college of Baptist Bible College, in Springfield, MO. I graduated from BBCE in May, 1980, and have been in the ministry ever since. I praise the Lord for the privilege of co-laboring with Him in the greatest work on earth.
    2. During my junior year in Bible college, the Lord called me to start a church in the Bridgeport area of Connecticut. I surrendered to that call, and started Heritage Baptist Church in Fairfield, Connecticut.
    3. Following a missions trip to Ireland in 1985, the Lord called me to Ireland in 1990. I surrendered to that call, being approved as a Baptist Bible Fellowship missionary to Ireland in September, 1990.
    4. I resigned as missionary to Ireland in July, 2008, in order that Linda and I can provide ongoing care for her aging mother. We joined White Oak Springs Baptist Church in Dallas, GA in February, 2009, and went on staff there in May, 2010. In August, 2014, I resigned to pursue full-time missionary status to the incarcerated. We are presently on deputation. I would be happy to come to your church to present our burden for missions.