Rich and Linda Fulton, Rock of Ages Missionaries


There has never been a time when the local church had so many tools, but so little power. What we all need desperately is grace from on high. I am dedicated to pointing local churches to the God of all grace, such that we experience Grace Living Today.

Anywhere God leads, we desire to go. Anytime He convicts, we desire to repent. Anyhow God enables, we desire to access Him. Is God leading to bring us together? We desire to help, and pray that we can be a blessing to our Lord and your church.

As of August 24, 2014, I have resigned as Associate Pastor of White Oak Springs Baptist Church, under Pastor Keith Lee, because God has called me into full-time missionary work to the men and women in prison. I am presently seeking missionary status with Rock of Ages Prison Ministry.

I have been preaching at the Haralson County jail in Buchanan, GA, every-other Tuesday night, for the last 4 years, and at the Paulding County jail in Dallas, Ga for around 3 years every Sunday afternoon (where my partner and I preach 2 services). Bro. Jon Callaway, a member of our church, goes with me to the Haralson County jail, and sings powerful old-fashioned hymns and spiritual songs, preparing men’s hearts to receive the Word of God. Due to the high turn-over of prisoners there, we normally see 3-5 professions of faith each time we go.

On Sunday night, August 24th, when I announced to the church my call into prison ministry, a young man stood up and testified. It was his first time at our church in many, many years. He told how he had gotten far away from God in his teen years after being a faithful member of our church. He told how that God had touched his heart through several visits I had with him when he was in the Paulding County jail. Now that he is out, he is once again back in fellowship with the Lord, and is back in church. My heart was overflowing with joy as he testified, and I realized that I was blessed of God to have a small part in his restoration. It confirmed in my spirit that I was on the right track in pursuing missionary status in prison work.

Fundamental, Independent Baptist Pastor, if you would like to add Linda and I to your church’s missionary program, we would be ever-so-grateful. I would be glad to come to your church to preach my burden for the lost and all-but-forgotten souls in our prisons.

To schedule me for a Sunday or Midweek service or a missions conference, please contact me. My contact details can be found by clicking here.