Catching the Wind of the Spirit

August 27, 2014          Rich and Linda Fulton

Sunday night, August 24, 2014 was a monumental night for Linda and I.

After I preached at White Oak (where we are members) that night, I announced to the church my call into Prison Revival work as a full-time missionary. Although before the service,  I was very nervous about this announcement, when the time came, I had perfect peace about it.

Around four years ago, the Lord opened up a door for me to preach in two local jails. It was eye-opening to see the hunger many of these inmates had to know how to be saved, and to see how faithful most of them were to attend our services. I haven’t kept track, but we have seen scores of men make public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in those four years.

It was early on in this jail ministry that God was nudging me to become a missionary to the incarcerated. I kept dismissing it for mainly selfish reasons, mainly because I couldn’t picture us once again going on deputation. The thought of calling scores of pastors, asking for meetings sent chills up my spine! But several months ago, I surrendered to God’s gracious call. It was pretty much settled in my heart during a prison revival week called the Alabama Blitz back in March of this year. It was hosted by Rock of Ages Prison Ministry, and I was one of around 100 volunteers who went into prisons in Montgomery, AL. In the afternoons, we went soul winning from bunk-to-bunk, and in the evenings, we had preaching services. The Wind of the Spirit was blowing, and it was time to catch the Wind.

During our July Jubilee revival meetings, I discussed it with my pastor, Bro. Keith Lee. He told me that White Oak would get behind us, and help us through our deputation time. It helped solidify confidence that indeed, the Lord was leading us in the right direction. White Oak Springs Baptist Church will be our sending church!

After making known to the church our plans, several folks stood and gave nice words about us. These are dear saints of God, and we love them.

I’m thankful that White Oak is solidly behind us in this new venture of faith. One thing we are confident of: the Wind of the Spirit is leading us into God’s Prison Vineyard to labor with Him and through Him. We are happily setting our sails to catch that Wind.

Rich and Linda Fulton