Prayer Letter, March 2016


Dear Church,

Politically Incorrect Prayer Letter …

I heard about a little fourth-grader who stood up to give a report concerning the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s how he began:

The pilgrims came here seeking
freedom of you know what.
When they landed, they gave
thanks to you know who.
Because of them, we can worship
each Sunday, you know where.

I’ll just forget the political correctness, and ask you dear Christian friends, in accord with the Bible in Phil. 4:6, that you pray for me to the True and Living Triune God for a good outcome to a minor surgical procedure coming up on April 19th. For years, I’ve been experiencing irregular heart beat (medical term is PVC’s, “premature ventricular contractions”), but of late, it is becoming more problematic. The plan is to do an “ablation” procedure. This is done much like a heart angiogram with a special scope which allows the surgeon to “burn off” the heart cells which are causing the extra heartbeats. It is an outpatient procedure, so around 6 hours after the procedure, I should be able to go home to recuperate. After 2 days, the Lord willing, I’ll be able to resume normal duties.

In March, I preached in Florida for the very first time! We conducted a prison revival under Bro. Tim M. at the North West Florida Reception Center. The Lord Jesus Christ received 12 inmates into His family over a 3 day period. The Lord willing I’ll be back in Florida with Bro. M. for a whole week (2 separate revival meetings) next month. We also did a 2-day prison revival in Milledgeville, GA, with Bro. P. We preached twice at the prison and conducted 8 preaching services at Baldwin County Jail. We had a large number of inmates make profession of faith in Christ, around 80% of which were in the jail.

We have several prison meetings forthcoming in April. Please do pray for Spirit-filled witnessing and preaching to be had in each meeting.

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton