Prayer Letter 4/30/2016


Dear Church,

Prayer Letter …

The Moravian missionaries heralded forth Christ, being borne along by the Spirit of God, fulfilling the Great Commission. Speaking of them, William Wilburforce penned these words: “If there is no passionate love for Christ at the center of everything, we will only jingle and jangle our way across the world, merely making a noise as we go. God deliver your people from apathy in these, the last of last, days! I can think of no better place for a preacher to die than behind the pulpit, full speed ahead, railing against the gates of Hell, and showing the Lord Jesus as the only hope of deliverance.

I had heart ablation surgery on Tuesday, April 19th. I was doing quite well until Saturday night. Under advisement from the doctor’s office, Linda and I went to the emergency room on Sunday morning, April 24th. After taking an EKG and blood tests, they admitted me to the hospital with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in my right lung. For the next two days they administered Heparin (blood thinner) through an IV. On Tuesday afternoon, they performed an ultrasound on my legs, and found a large blood clot in my right upper thigh. They sent me home later that afternoon. I’ll be on a blood thinner pill for quite awhile, but this will in no wise cause us to even miss one prison meeting. I’m even more determined to be one of God’s vessels, blessed and privileged to take Christ to the inmates of America.

I was blessed to go back to Florida for two prison revivals, working with our coordinator, Bro. Tim M., Bro. Howard S., and Bro. Keith J.. At one of the morning sessions, I taught a “Character Under Construction” Power Point presentation on Integrity, which was received well. I had the joy of co-laboring with Jesus to bring one inmate into the family of God during cell-to-cell visitation. There were 9 men in all that professed Christ as personal Savior during these revivals.

On April 15th, I went to Georgia’s Long State Prison for a Friday-Sunday prison revival in April, working with coordinator Richard P., and Bro. Keith L. We were not allowed to do any visitation during this revival, but we had God-Anointed services there those three nights, and I believe many inmates received help from the Lord. Please do pray for us as the Lord brings us to memory. Pray for safety of travel, for good health, for the manifestation of the Son of God through us, and that the devil will have no part in our doings.

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton, Cell: 770.362.4503