Prayer Letter May, 2016


Dear Church,

Georgia State Prison Contraband …

Our state coordinators run through the check-list almost robotically as we group together in the prison parking lots before entering into prisons: “Check your pockets. No cell phones, guns, knives, keys, billfolds, tobacco, …” I remember on one occasion, I was already inside a prison, waiting to empty my pockets in preparation for a pat-down when I discovered I was carrying my cell phone. That is a felony and five years in prison! Needless to say, I quickly excused myself, and went back to my car, and relieved myself of said phone.

There is currently a big problem in Georgia prisons with guards bringing all manner of contraband into their facilities on purpose. By bribery of guards, inmates can, for example, get cell phones. Many of these contraband cell phones are then used by inmates to commit wire fraud, money laundering, identity theft and drug trafficking. Another particularly worrying scheme is the shaking down of inmates’ family members. An inmate will call the family of a vulnerable inmate and demand money, telling them that if the money is not received by a certain date, their loved one will be killed in prison. Please pray that the Georgia Department of Corrections will be able to stop these menacing problems. “For the love of money is the root of all evil: …” 1 Timothy 6:10a.

I’m happy to say that my heart ablation surgery done in April seems to have stopped my heart palpitations (Premature Ventricular Contractions). We are very grateful to the Lord! It took almost 6 weeks after the surgery for the PVCs to completely stop. We were told by the surgeon that this is often the case.

We had a prison revival for 3 days at Bacon Probation Detention Center, in Alma, GA. This meeting was a break-through meeting, because we were allowed to visit inmates at this PDC in their dormitories, in addition to having our normal evening preaching services. We also held a 3-day prison revival at Smith State Prison, in Glennville, GA. This meeting was also 3 days of visitation and 3 days of revival services. Altogether, we had a total of 40 professions of faith at Bacon and Smith, most of which were during visitation. Please do pray for these new converts to grow in grace, and to be salt and light to other inmates.

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton, Cell: 770.362.4503