Prayer Letter November 2016

Co-Laboring with My Dear Wife …

It was great to be at Whitworth Women’s Facility in Georgia this month with Linda. Since being certified for service in Georgia, this was the second time she was able to minister with me in prison. We participated in 4 services from Friday night through Sunday night. Once again, she found out how receptive these ladies were of her. She enjoyed fellowshipping and praying with these ladies. She was blessed to lead one inmate to saving faith in Christ. Altogether, there were 36 ladies who received Christ as personal Savior during the meetings with total attendance of 166 ladies.

Following Whitworth, Bro. P. and I held a three day revival at Smith State Prison in Georgia. This facility is men-only, and we were allowed to do cell-to-cell visitation for around 3 hours each day. These men are in lock-down, and thus unable to attend our nightly services at the chapel. However, men from the North dorm came each night for the preaching. There were 103 in attendance with 20 professions of faith. After this revival, we headed down to Bacon Probation Detention Center in Alma, GA, for another 3 day revival meeting. The inmates there had in some way violated their probation, and had been sentenced to serve for up to six months in the PDC. Once again, we had 3 days of visitation, this time going bunk-to-bunk in 4 different dormitories, averaging around 1.5 hours per day. There were 158 men in attendance with 45 men making decisions to trust Christ as personal Savior either in the dorms or in the services.

For Our Supporting Churches …

Our practice is to provide a “receipt” on our prayer letters for funds received. Should you not want this receipt to show on our letters to your church, please email us at, requesting that we do not print a receipt on your letters. Please provide church name, city, and state. We will be happy to comply. Thanks!


Linda and I pray you will have a Christ-filled Christmas, and New Year. Please do pray for the continued Hand of God to be on our ministry. The Lord Jesus is worthy of every soul being saved, and we very much obliged to you for helping us.


We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton