Prayer Letter April 2017

Feed and be Fed …

1Cor 9:13-14 Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple? and they which wait at the altar are partakers with the altar? 14 Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.

There is some wonderful teaching in the above passage regarding tithing, but it is not for this time to expound upon. Rather, I’d like us to see the concept in v. 14 of “feed and be fed.” Those men of God who teach and preach the Gospel are feeding the flock. But those ministers must also “be fed.” I was highly blessed to “feed the flock” this month in Ohio, where God allowed me to preach a four day revival meeting at First Baptist Church of Ashland, where Bro. Butch White is pastor. This was a blessed time for Linda and me, and I trust for the church as well. I believe the Lord met with us in each service. Several members gave testimony of getting help from the Lord, and one precious lady was saved in the Sunday morning service. A few weeks later, Linda and I would “be fed” at our sending church, White Oak Springs Baptist Church, in Dallas, GA, where Bro. Keith Lee is pastor. We were fed by Bro. Duane Moore, who preached our annual, four day Faith Promise Missions Conference. Linda and I were moved to substantially increase our monthly faith promise commitment to missions. Yes, missionaries should tithe and faithfully support God’s missions program by sacrificially giving of their finances!

I worked with Bro. Tim M., and three other Rock of Ages missionaries this month in Florida. We held a three day revival at the North West Florida Reception Center, in Chipley, FL. On the last day of the revival, we were in danger of not having a meeting due to bad thunderstorms passing through the area. The officers will not move inmates if there is lightning happening or is expected to happen. Thankfully, the weather cleared up, and we were able to have services. Six men were hopefully converted to Christ in this revival.

We also held a three day revival at Century Correctional Institution in Century, Florida. This meeting was not without some rocky times. There were two mornings when services were delayed for over an hour due to heavy fog. The officers will not move inmates if visibility is greatly limited by fog. Then, on another occasion, our afternoon service was put on hold due when the prison’s inmate count was not correct. This type of thing does happen from time-to-time; we just have to tolerate it, and go on! In all, there was 1 inmate who believed on Christ as his personal Savior during the revival.