News for March 2020

Please Stay

Isa 26:2-3 Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in. 3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

In these troublesome times, many are crying out, “Open ye the gates”! It seems like there are so many closed gates now, and it happened in such a short time! A tiny virus has changed life dramatically all over the world. We daily walked through open gates without a thought, and now many of them are closed. Closed churches, closed stores have become the norm. The headline, “Please stay,” is not a plea for us to abide by shelter-in-place regulations (although that is not a bad idea), but a plea to keep your mind stayed on God. This is especially needful during the domination of Covid-19. If we can stay our minds on the God who is so much bigger than a virus, then He will keep us in perfect peace. Will we trust Him?

Our Rock of Ages team was in revival meetings at North West Florida Reception Center, with one precious soul trusting Christ as Savior. 158 men attended services, and many inmates thanked us for coming.

Following NWFRC, we held revival services at Gadsden Re-Entry, a prison designed to prepare short-term inmates for release from incarceration. This was the first time that Rock of Ages was able to minister there. The chaplain was well pleased with the meetings, and gave us an open door to return any time! A  total of 91 men attended the services, and three men were hopefully saved.

It was at Gadsden that things began to heat up with the virus situation. On the second day of the meetings, as we were checking in, the officer asked if any of us had flu-like symptoms or a fever. We knew then that trouble would likely be coming in days ahead. When I returned home on Saturday, March 14th, went to church at our home church the next day, and began preparing to travel to Connecticut to see our great-grandchild, Jacob, and then to head off to Vermont for a meeting at Lighthouse Baptist Church, in Hinesburg, VT. On Sunday night, we decided that it would not be wise to make the trip due to all the changes that were beginning to happen due to the spread of the virus. Please do pray for revival in America. We need God desperately!

News for February 2020

Our God Makes No Mistakes

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Rock of Ages held its annual Alabama Blitz for four days beginning on February 24th. There were 105 Rock of Ages missionaries and volunteers who held visitation sessions and revival meetings in 11 prisons and jails in the Montgomery, Alabama area. Each morning, from 9am ‘til noon, we met at Grace Baptist Church, in Wetumpka, for prayer, preaching, and testimonies. After our church-supplied lunches (very good!) we made our way to the various institutions for “fishing.” I’m very happy to report that there were 2158 inmates that attended our preaching services, with 209 men and women making profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps you’d pray about helping in this great campaign next year. Give me a call, and I can put you in contact with someone who can help you prepare for it. We had folks from as far away as Ohio and New Hampshire helping us!

On Tuesday morning, Linda and I found out we had been “red flagged” for entry into Tutwiler Women’s Prison, where we were supposed to minister all week. To this day, no one seems to know why it happened, for we have never had any issues before at any prison. Three others were also “red flagged.” Our only option at that point was to minister all week at Elmore County Jail, where we were cleared for entry with no problem. I must say, we were disappointed, but God makes no mistakes!

We had a team of around 20 Rock of Ages missionaries and volunteers ministering in the jail each day. Linda labored with nine other ladies in dormitory visitation each day. They met the lady inmates right where they live – at their bunks, each afternoon and evening. They passed out lots of Gospel literature, and witnessed one-on-one. Our male workers did one-on-one visitation in the men’s dorms each afternoon, and held preaching services in the dorms each evening. All in, there were 228 men and women who attended services, with 45 professions of faith at Elmore County Jail. God makes no mistakes!

Linda and I also worked together for three nights at Whitworth Women’s Prison, in Hartwell, GA, with 137 ladies in the services, and 13 precious souls hopefully trusting Christ as Savior. I also ministered in a three day revival at Columbia Correctional Institution in Lake City, FL, with 63 men in services, and two sinners trusting Christ for salvation. Please pray for these new converts! God makes no mistakes.