News for May 2020

It’s the LORD’s

1Cor 10:26 For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof.

By speaking, the Word created our world. Isaiah 44:24 says that Jehovah God stretched out the heavens and the earth all by Himself (Compare to John 1:3, Col. 1:16). Therefore, the earth belongs solely to Him. He likewise made everything on, in and above the earth. By ownership, God has full right to use anything and everything to suit His purposes. For example, God owned Assyria. In Isaiah 7:20, God calls the Assyrians His hired razor, with which He shaved (brought into judgment) His people. He likewise is allowing his little virus for His purposes. I’m quick to say that such purposes are not known to us. Suffice to say, however, He will be glorified in it all at the appropriate time. I rest in that truth by faith. As collateral damage, His evangelistic work has suffered greatly during this virus pandemic, and He has allowed it to be so. I don’t like that it is so, but God knows what He is doing, and I try never to speak against God! But, we still have the possibility of a 4 day prison revival in Florida, beginning on June 16th. Please do pray that we will be able to preach the Gospel to the ladies incarcerated there.

I’ve little to report by way of prison work, and I’ll not fill this letter with fluff. But please do pray for little Harper C., who is very seriously ill. She is just under three years of age. Also, please pray for Richard P., Howard S., and Johnny I.. Linda and I love you all, and we look forward to once again representing you in the prisons of America.