News for October 2019

Prison in the Bible

Gen 39:20 And Joseph’s master took him, and put him into the prison, a place where the king’s prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison.

This is the first verse in the Bible where the word “prison” is found. Oddly enough, Joseph here is a type of Christ, incarcerated in innocence. Within the penal system in America, history tells us that a hopefully small percentage of inmates are wrongly convicted. Some inmates have spent scores of years in prison, only later to be found not guilty of the crime(s) they were convicted of. Ohio resident Ricky Jackson, the longest-held US prisoner to be cleared of a crime, received more than 1 million dollars from the state for his wrongful imprisonment. Yet I must say that every Christian was held in a prison of his own making according to Proverbs 22:5.


October was a busy month for Linda and me. We attended the four day South Carolina Blitz where around 100 volunteers and Rock of Ages missionaries conducted revival meetings in eight prisons and one jail. 1531 inmates attended services with 218 hopefully receiving Christ as Savior. At the blitz, Linda and I were blessed to labor with 12 others at Columbia Care Center, a prison hospital, for lack of a better way to describe it. It is privately owned, and a large percentage of the “patients” are mentally challenged to one degree or another (I felt right at home there!). We had 259 patients attend our services with 20 men and women making profession of faith. We left there, and drove to Ashland, OH, and preached both services of a missions emphasis Sunday at one of our supporting churches. From there, we drove to Grand Blanc, MI, and spent two days with our son Jerry, and his wife, Kelly. We also got to see our great granddaughter, Sophia Rose Fulton, and her mom, Brittany. We then to Grass Lake, MI, and gave a report to another supporting church which concluded its missions conference that night. We left Michigan on Thursday morning, and I preached in a three day revival meeting at Bacon PDC, in south Georgia, beginning the next day. Eighteen men professed Christ there. From there, we were off to Mayo CI in Florida for a three day revival beginning on October 17th, with one conversion to Christ. Then beginning on October 22nd, Linda and I traveled to Live Oak, FL, for a three day revival at Century CI, with 3 men hopefully trusting Christ as Savior. As always, we would ask you to pray for these new converts, and for the already-saved inmates who received help during the meetings.  Thank you for co-laboring with us!