News from April 2019

The Contrast …

Jesus saw vastly different results to His ministry on different occasions. On one occasion, He could do no mighty works because of their unbelief. On other occasions, His ministry was received with open arms. We had vastly different results this month as we ministered in two different prisons in two different states this month.

Men’s prison in Florida Women’s prison in Georgia
Six services in a three day revival Three services in a three day revival
3 ROA missionaries and 1 volunteer each service 2 ROA missionaries for each service
Zero professions of faith 52 professions of faith
Same inmates year after year Fast turnover of inmates (maximum sentence 6 months

Most all of the inmates at the Florida revival were already professing Christians. No one made profession, but several of the saints testified that they received much help from the services, and there was a good spirit there. However, at the Women’s prison, there was a tremendous spirit of repentance there, and much eagerness to hear the Word of God. One lady testified to me that the church that regularly comes in to hold services talks about the same thing every week – human trafficking and drug use. She said it was so refreshing to hear preaching about Jesus!

On Tuesday, April 16th, at Haralson County Jail, one of the young inmates gave a wonderful testimony. He put his hand up while I was preaching, and I gave him permission to address the folks. I normally never stop my preaching, but I felt led to do so, because the young man had only been saved since our last meeting there. He said that he agreed totally with what I was preaching about at the time, and said it proved true in his own experience since he had been saved! It made me want to charge Hell with a squirt gun!

We had another glorious 4-day prison revival in Missouri, with around 20 hours of visitation, and eight preaching services. There were three Rock of Ages missionaries, and at least two volunteers working each day. We had a total of 190 men in the services, with two professions of faith. We, by the grace of God, led 45 men to Christ during visitation. Only God can do these things! Do pray for these brand new saints to grow in grace. Our Lord is worthy of their worship, praise, and service!