Prayer Letter September 2016

South Carolina Blitz …

I’m starting to get a complex from preaching in prison. The last two times I preached were at Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, SC, at the South Carolina Blitz, and I cleared the room both times! The first time, just before I began preaching, an inmate came in and announced “medication call.” All the inmates except one left! Fifteen minutes later, however, they all came back, and 2 inmates made profession of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. The final time, I had just announced my text to around 35 inmates, when an officer made all of them go back to their cells. Turns out an inmate went missing, and our service was destroyed. The devil never quits does he? So, pastor, if you ever need a preacher to clear the room for you, just give me a call!

The Blitz was hosted by Gannt Street Baptist Church, in Cayce, SC, from Tuesday-Friday, September,27th-30th. Each morning, services were held at the church for the Rock of Ages missionaries and volunteers, followed by lunch in the fellowship hall. Here are the statistics for the blitz:

  • 35 Rock of Ages missionaries
  • 52 volunteer workers
  • 7 prisons and 2 jails attended, along with the University of South Carolina campus
  • 1569 inmates attended services
  • 210 professions of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ (many of these inmates were saved during personal soul winning times which were scheduled each day.

We also had a blessed time in Georgia at Baldwin State Prison with 4 inmates making profession of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and at Baldwin County Jail where we held 4 services with 29 men stepping out to receive the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would that I could convey to you the wonderful way God opens the hearts of incarcerated men and women. Many have been brought to spiritual brokenness by the convicting power of the Holy Spirit of God, which makes them eager to hear and respond to the Gospel. I’m blessed beyond measure for the privilege of co-laboring with you dear folks and with our God in this great harvest field. Let’s pray for God to use these men and women in His Vineyard!

Prayer Letter August 2016

Blessed Choice …

Mankind is blessed by His Creator with will, the power to choose. He allows evil in His world so His children can CHOOSE good. Without a choice, how could we ever choose to do good? The Bible says that the heavens declare God’s handiwork, and each day utters speech about the greatness of God. I cannot conceive that they do it willingly, but speak they do. God’s Will is for His redeemed ones to speak of His greatness constantly, and to do so willingly, by choice, out of deep love for their Redeemer. Are you willing?

Linda, my dear wife of 54 years, went with me to Whitworth Women’s Prison in Hartwell, GA this month. She began the process for Georgia certification, and was allowed to go into the meetings with us. She was very apprehensive, because this was her first time inside a prison! After three days of services with those lovely ladies, she went away thoroughly blessed. On the very first night, during the invitation, she led her first inmate to Christ! I wanted to shout the house down, but then I realized that if I did, someone might escape!

During August, I participated in four prison revivals. In addition to Whitworth, we held a three day revival at Rogers State Prison. This prison is named after Richard Rogers, an officer there who died in the line of duty on Easter Sunday, March 29, 1970, the very day on which I was gloriously saved. We were allowed to do cell-to-cell visitation in Unit A with 10 men making profession of faith in Christ over two days of soul winning efforts. Another 25 men made professions of faith during the three nights of services there. On the second night, there were 232 men attending! We held one afternoon service at Smith State Women’s Probation Detention Center. There is rapid turn-around there as most women serve 60 day sentences or less. After Richard P. preached, 18 ladies made profession of faith in Christ Jesus, and after I preached one more lady made profession. As I write this letter, we are in a three day revival at Okaloosa Correctional Institution in Crestview, FL. Last night (August 30th), at the men’s work camp, there were 14 men in attendance, and one man made profession of faith in Christ after I preached. The presence of God was very real that night, and most all of the men said they received help from the Lord. And to think, that God would allow ME to participate WITH Him to do these things: “For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building” 1 Cor. 3:9. That is Amazing Grace, indeed.

May I remind you, dear supporting churches, that these precious souls are fruit abounding to your account (Phil. 4:17). I’m allowed by God to go, and you are allowed by God to send. Amen.

Please pray for Sister Shelia White. She suffered the temporary loss of her dear husband, Brother Van White, who graduated to Glory on Friday, August 19th. He is (not was) one of my dearest friends, and I can’t wait to see him again!

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton, Cell: 770.362.4503

Prayer Letter July 2016

A Little Mind Jogger …

“Some will, some won’t, so what? So Wait.” This little saying has stuck with me since September, 1990. Linda and I heard it when we were at missionary candidate school, preparing to go to Ireland. I often quote it to myself after a disappointing soul winning encounter with some sinner who would not (at that time) receive Christ as Lord and Life. What does it mean? As we witness, some will accept Him and some won’t. So what do we do? So we just keep waiting on the Lord anyway. It helps me to keep things in perspective, and it keeps me going in spite of the disappointments. Perhaps it will help you to remember:  “Some will, some won’t, so what? So Wait.” Incidentally, if you faithfully evangelize someone, even if they don’t receive Christ at that time, you are still successful in the eyes of God. 1Cor 3:6-9 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. 8 Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour. 9 For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

We had three prison revivals scheduled this month. Due to circumstances beyond our control, all three of these meetings were canceled. One of canceled meetings was to be held during our sending church’s annual revival meeting, so we were able to attend that. One door of outreach was opened up for us at Florida State University, home of the Seminoles, in Tallahassee, FL. This was a three day open air soul winning meeting at the large “Free Speech” area of the campus. There were three Rock of Ages missionaries and two volunteers involved from 10am to 5pm each day. Wow, what an eye opening experience it was! The overall order of events was for one brother to preach while the others passed out tracts and witnessed one-on-one. I must say, FSU is a hotbed of unbelief, and we never ran out of prospects! I was blessed to lead one student to saving faith in Christ on the first day. Overall, we passed out hundreds and hundreds of tracts, and had many personal confrontations with students and faculty alike. God alone only knows what the final outcome will be from this campus revival meeting, but I was blessed to participate. By the way, I’ve never seen so many people glued to their phones playing Pokemon Go!

I was blessed to hold one meeting at the Haralson County Jail. The Lord blessed, with three inmates coming forward to trust Christ as Savior. Please pray for these new converts to grow in grace, and for God to use them mightily in His vineyard.

Please pray for Pastor Keith Lee, Van White, David Roy, David Littlefield, and Megan Lee, all of whom have serious health issues.

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton, Cell: 770.362.4503

Prayer Letter, June 2016

Ironic …

When speaking of those states with the highest number of inmates in prison, the top four are 1) California, 2) Texas, 3) Florida, and 4) Georgia (where we live). Did you happen to notice that 3 out of 4 states are in the “Bible Belt”? “Religion” has no power to change a man from sinner to saint. This power is given only to those who receive relationship with the true and living God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Relationship to the Lord cannot be coerced according to God’s Word: “Though thou shouldest bray a fool in a mortar among wheat with a pestle, yet will not his foolishness depart from him” Proverbs 27:22.

Richard P., Johnny N., David R., Howard S., and I conducted a revival meeting at Georgia State Prison this month. We showed up for a preaching session on Monday morning, and were saddened to hear that the prison was totally in lockdown. On Sunday, in the infirmary, an inmate assaulted a nurse, sending her off to the hospital. Despite this, the warden allowed us to do cell-to-cell visitation. As it turned out, the prison was in lockdown all week, but we were allowed to do visitation each day. By Wednesday, we heard that the nurse’s condition had improved, and that she had been released from the hospital. God used me to lead 3 men to Christ during visitation.

That week, we also had meetings in the afternoons at Evans County Jail, and Tattnall County Jail. At Tattnall, each of the four of us held a preaching service in the various pods. It was remarkable to me to watch the change of attitude amongst the fifteen men I preached to. At the beginning of the service, you could sense the tension—no smiles, inmates looking at each other—tension! But, as the Word of God was preached, I could sense the Holy Spirit arresting (no pun intended) the men’s attention. By the time I gave the invitation, 4 men stepped out and made profession of faith. In all, 12 men trusted Christ as personal Savior during 4 services there.

Richard P., and I also had a revival meeting at Emanual (spelling correct) Women’s Prison, in Swainsboro, GA. What a sweet time we had with those ladies! It seemed like the majority were hanging on every word during the services. Several of the ladies were working hard to win a Rock of Ages study Bible by bringing the most first time visitors to the services. On Sunday night, at the final service, there were 123 ladies attending! I didn’t get the exact number, but well over 20 ladies came forward to trust Christ as personal Savior during the revival, and the altars were full of saved ladies making things right with their Savior.

Locally, at Haralson County Jail, I preached twice, once to the ladies, and then to the guys. One lady, Lynn, and one fellow, Adam, made profession of faith in the Lord Jesus. Only God can do these things!

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton

Prayer Letter May, 2016


Dear Church,

Georgia State Prison Contraband …

Our state coordinators run through the check-list almost robotically as we group together in the prison parking lots before entering into prisons: “Check your pockets. No cell phones, guns, knives, keys, billfolds, tobacco, …” I remember on one occasion, I was already inside a prison, waiting to empty my pockets in preparation for a pat-down when I discovered I was carrying my cell phone. That is a felony and five years in prison! Needless to say, I quickly excused myself, and went back to my car, and relieved myself of said phone.

There is currently a big problem in Georgia prisons with guards bringing all manner of contraband into their facilities on purpose. By bribery of guards, inmates can, for example, get cell phones. Many of these contraband cell phones are then used by inmates to commit wire fraud, money laundering, identity theft and drug trafficking. Another particularly worrying scheme is the shaking down of inmates’ family members. An inmate will call the family of a vulnerable inmate and demand money, telling them that if the money is not received by a certain date, their loved one will be killed in prison. Please pray that the Georgia Department of Corrections will be able to stop these menacing problems. “For the love of money is the root of all evil: …” 1 Timothy 6:10a.

I’m happy to say that my heart ablation surgery done in April seems to have stopped my heart palpitations (Premature Ventricular Contractions). We are very grateful to the Lord! It took almost 6 weeks after the surgery for the PVCs to completely stop. We were told by the surgeon that this is often the case.

We had a prison revival for 3 days at Bacon Probation Detention Center, in Alma, GA. This meeting was a break-through meeting, because we were allowed to visit inmates at this PDC in their dormitories, in addition to having our normal evening preaching services. We also held a 3-day prison revival at Smith State Prison, in Glennville, GA. This meeting was also 3 days of visitation and 3 days of revival services. Altogether, we had a total of 40 professions of faith at Bacon and Smith, most of which were during visitation. Please do pray for these new converts to grow in grace, and to be salt and light to other inmates.

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton, Cell: 770.362.4503

Prayer Letter 4/30/2016


Dear Church,

Prayer Letter …

The Moravian missionaries heralded forth Christ, being borne along by the Spirit of God, fulfilling the Great Commission. Speaking of them, William Wilburforce penned these words: “If there is no passionate love for Christ at the center of everything, we will only jingle and jangle our way across the world, merely making a noise as we go. God deliver your people from apathy in these, the last of last, days! I can think of no better place for a preacher to die than behind the pulpit, full speed ahead, railing against the gates of Hell, and showing the Lord Jesus as the only hope of deliverance.

I had heart ablation surgery on Tuesday, April 19th. I was doing quite well until Saturday night. Under advisement from the doctor’s office, Linda and I went to the emergency room on Sunday morning, April 24th. After taking an EKG and blood tests, they admitted me to the hospital with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in my right lung. For the next two days they administered Heparin (blood thinner) through an IV. On Tuesday afternoon, they performed an ultrasound on my legs, and found a large blood clot in my right upper thigh. They sent me home later that afternoon. I’ll be on a blood thinner pill for quite awhile, but this will in no wise cause us to even miss one prison meeting. I’m even more determined to be one of God’s vessels, blessed and privileged to take Christ to the inmates of America.

I was blessed to go back to Florida for two prison revivals, working with our coordinator, Bro. Tim M., Bro. Howard S., and Bro. Keith J.. At one of the morning sessions, I taught a “Character Under Construction” Power Point presentation on Integrity, which was received well. I had the joy of co-laboring with Jesus to bring one inmate into the family of God during cell-to-cell visitation. There were 9 men in all that professed Christ as personal Savior during these revivals.

On April 15th, I went to Georgia’s Long State Prison for a Friday-Sunday prison revival in April, working with coordinator Richard P., and Bro. Keith L. We were not allowed to do any visitation during this revival, but we had God-Anointed services there those three nights, and I believe many inmates received help from the Lord. Please do pray for us as the Lord brings us to memory. Pray for safety of travel, for good health, for the manifestation of the Son of God through us, and that the devil will have no part in our doings.

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton, Cell: 770.362.4503

Prayer Letter, March 2016


Dear Church,

Politically Incorrect Prayer Letter …

I heard about a little fourth-grader who stood up to give a report concerning the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s how he began:

The pilgrims came here seeking
freedom of you know what.
When they landed, they gave
thanks to you know who.
Because of them, we can worship
each Sunday, you know where.

I’ll just forget the political correctness, and ask you dear Christian friends, in accord with the Bible in Phil. 4:6, that you pray for me to the True and Living Triune God for a good outcome to a minor surgical procedure coming up on April 19th. For years, I’ve been experiencing irregular heart beat (medical term is PVC’s, “premature ventricular contractions”), but of late, it is becoming more problematic. The plan is to do an “ablation” procedure. This is done much like a heart angiogram with a special scope which allows the surgeon to “burn off” the heart cells which are causing the extra heartbeats. It is an outpatient procedure, so around 6 hours after the procedure, I should be able to go home to recuperate. After 2 days, the Lord willing, I’ll be able to resume normal duties.

In March, I preached in Florida for the very first time! We conducted a prison revival under Bro. Tim M. at the North West Florida Reception Center. The Lord Jesus Christ received 12 inmates into His family over a 3 day period. The Lord willing I’ll be back in Florida with Bro. M. for a whole week (2 separate revival meetings) next month. We also did a 2-day prison revival in Milledgeville, GA, with Bro. P. We preached twice at the prison and conducted 8 preaching services at Baldwin County Jail. We had a large number of inmates make profession of faith in Christ, around 80% of which were in the jail.

We have several prison meetings forthcoming in April. Please do pray for Spirit-filled witnessing and preaching to be had in each meeting.

We remain in Christ’s Intensive Care,

Rich and Linda Fulton

Missionaries again!

Linda and I were approved as Rock of Ages missionaries yesterday afternoon at Cleveland, TN.

We attended a five day missionary candidate school at the Rock of Ages Prison Ministries facility, and we are delighted to be missionaries to the prisons of America.

Please do pray for us. The task is huge, the time is short, and lives hang in the balance. If you are a fundamental, independent Baptist pastor, and would like us to present our burden for imprisoned souls, please do contact me.


Rich and Linda Fulton

Catching the Wind of the Spirit

August 27, 2014          Rich and Linda Fulton

Sunday night, August 24, 2014 was a monumental night for Linda and I.

After I preached at White Oak (where we are members) that night, I announced to the church my call into Prison Revival work as a full-time missionary. Although before the service,  I was very nervous about this announcement, when the time came, I had perfect peace about it.

Around four years ago, the Lord opened up a door for me to preach in two local jails. It was eye-opening to see the hunger many of these inmates had to know how to be saved, and to see how faithful most of them were to attend our services. I haven’t kept track, but we have seen scores of men make public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in those four years.

It was early on in this jail ministry that God was nudging me to become a missionary to the incarcerated. I kept dismissing it for mainly selfish reasons, mainly because I couldn’t picture us once again going on deputation. The thought of calling scores of pastors, asking for meetings sent chills up my spine! But several months ago, I surrendered to God’s gracious call. It was pretty much settled in my heart during a prison revival week called the Alabama Blitz back in March of this year. It was hosted by Rock of Ages Prison Ministry, and I was one of around 100 volunteers who went into prisons in Montgomery, AL. In the afternoons, we went soul winning from bunk-to-bunk, and in the evenings, we had preaching services. The Wind of the Spirit was blowing, and it was time to catch the Wind.

During our July Jubilee revival meetings, I discussed it with my pastor, Bro. Keith Lee. He told me that White Oak would get behind us, and help us through our deputation time. It helped solidify confidence that indeed, the Lord was leading us in the right direction. White Oak Springs Baptist Church will be our sending church!

After making known to the church our plans, several folks stood and gave nice words about us. These are dear saints of God, and we love them.

I’m thankful that White Oak is solidly behind us in this new venture of faith. One thing we are confident of: the Wind of the Spirit is leading us into God’s Prison Vineyard to labor with Him and through Him. We are happily setting our sails to catch that Wind.

Rich and Linda Fulton

My first blog

Dallas, GA

Ps 80 has some great truths worth exploring:

Here is one:

(Psa 80:19 KJV)  Turn us again, O LORD God of hosts, cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.

  1. Turn us again: revival
  2. O LORD God: revival is of God
  3. Of hosts: revival is for the masses as well as the individual
  4. Cause thy face to shine: revival comes out of God’s Light (Jesus Christ), and Light is Life (John 1:4)
  5. And we shall be saved: revival is salvation PRESENT:
    1. Salvation from our sins is by a one-time faith in Christ — a step in Christ (who died)
    2. Salvation from our Sin is by repeated faith in Christ — a walk in Christ (who is Alive!)
  1. Revival is a progression. Experience leads us higher and higher and quickens our faith:
    1. The cry for revival is found 3 times in this Psalm — each one addressing God in higher form:

(Psa 80:3 KJV)  Turn us again, O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.

(Psa 80:7 KJV)  Turn us again, O God of hosts, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.

(Psa 80:19 KJV)  Turn us again, O LORD God of hosts, cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.

Finally, (Psa 80:17-18 KJV)  Let thy hand be upon the man of thy right hand, upon the son of man whom thou madest strong for thyself. {18} So will not we go back from thee: quicken us, and we will call upon thy name.

That is Jesus! “the man of thy right hand.” “the son of man” “whom thou madest strong for thyself.” “Quicken us” (Hb. 4:12, the Word of God is quick …” 1 Cor. 15, Jesus is made a quickening spirit …

  1. “Turn us” is a faith expression:
    1. It is the cry of the heart to God
    1. It is dependence, reliance and trust in God
    1. It is expressed, willful permission for God to work
    1. It is the will of man given over to the will of God