Prayer Letter April 2018

Divine Appointment …

Acts 8:26 And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert. 27 And he arose and went:

Any Divine Appointment begins with “Arise.” My old Christian colleague, Bro. John R., when calling me would usually begin by saying, “If you asked the Lord what He’d have you to do, He’d say, “Get out of bed.” Are you willing to arise when God says “Arise” even before you know for what reason? Or does your obedience depend on the reason for arising? In this case, God’s Divine Appointment would be in the desert. God made sure Philip knew this wouldn’t be easy. Most often God’s Divine Appointments take us out of our comfort zone. Are you willing to arise even so?

One of my Divine Appointments was in the desert call Eastern Region Diagnostic and Detention Center in Farmington, Missouri this month. Our Rock of Ages team was in the “10 House,” going from cell-to-cell soul-winning (“He that winneth souls is wise”). The cells in this unit are “open” in that there are 6-8 men in a cell, but no door for the cell. There is a red line on the floor over which we could not cross. I was witnessing with the Holy Spirit to 3 of the men at the far end of the unit. One of these men was already saved. When I extended the invitation to be saved, both of the other men hopefully trusted the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith. Of course, there were other inmates within ear-shot who heard me preaching to these men. Around 30 minutes later, our Regional Director David R. approached me. “I’m in trouble now,” I thought. He said that he was just down in the area where those two men called on the Lord, and asked a man whom I hadn’t even know if he had ever been saved. He replied that he was saved. David asked him, “When?” He replied, “When that bald headed fellow was praying with those two inmates. Sometimes it pays to have a big mouth! I suppose we might call that fruit from sowing by the wayside?

If you would, please pray for my dear wife, Linda. She is diabetic, and has been experiencing dizziness and high blood sugar, mainly early in the mornings. She became really concerned about it after two mornings, and called me home from Mt Vernon, GA, where we were to begin a 3-day revival at Montgomery State Prison. I took her to the emergency room. After a CT scan, they discovered that she has a bad sinus infection which could impact her inner ear, causing the dizziness and the high blood sugar. She is now on anti-biotics to stop the infection. She has been doing better, but her blood sugar count is still too high.