Prayer Letter December 2016

Divine Appointments …

His name is Sam. After initially witnessing to him a couple of months ago, I told him I didn’t think he was ready to be saved. Life seemed to be all about him and the raw deal he was receiving. Today (the 30th), while taking my daily walk, I again prayed that God would put him in my pathway. A minute or so later, he pulled his truck out onto the road, rolled down the window, and stopped in the road! After a short witness, he took my name and phone number so that he could call me later. What a mighty God we serve!

Our missionary journey in Georgia this month started at Georgia State Prison, where we had 4 days of services, with 99 men attending in all, and 3 days of cell-to-cell visitation in the lock-down areas. In all, 15 of those men stepped out from their peers, and hopefully received the Lord Jesus Christ, making them sons of God. Three other Rock of Ages missionaries were laboring with me: Richard P. (our coordinator), Johnny N., and Keith J.. As I have often said, we have no way of knowing for sure how many of these men were genuinely converted to Christ, nor do we know for sure how many professions made in our churches result in son-ship with the Father. We can only look for signs of salvation showing up in them over time. This we know, that real conversion does lead to sanctification, and sanctification shunned by the convert is never a good thing. A few days later, Linda and I had the privilege of being in a 2 day, services-only revival meeting at Emanuel Women’s Prison, in Swainsboro, Georgia. Richard P. and his wife, Janna were with us, and once again, the Lord gave us excellent services, with a total of 327 ladies attending. Of those, 47 ladies responded to the invitation, hopefully receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. There were also many ladies who came forward to meet with their Lord for various needs. A sweet spirit permeated the whole revival meeting! Richard P., Keith J., and I then held a revival at the Paulding County Probation Detention Center, with 2 days of visitation and 2 days of preaching services. There were 14 men who professed to receive Christ as Savior.

The missionary journey then picked up in Florida. There, I was with Bro. Tim M., at Apalachee West Correctional Institution in Florida for a 3 day revival, with 6 men professedly receiving Christ as personal Savior. We held “Character under Construction” teaching sessions in the mornings, and preaching services each afternoon. This prison would not allow us to take a laptop computer into the facility, so we could not do the Powerpoint version of the lessons (“Self,” “Hope,”, and “Truth”) The lessons were well received anyway.

Please pray for these inmates that they will grow in grace, and for me as I have another heart ablation surgery on January 5th. We love you folks for standing with us in the Vineyard! Happy New Year.