Prayer Letter January 2017

Ablation again …

On Thursday, January 5th, I was having a wonderful conversation with my anesthesiologist. He didn’t have much to do, because I was wide awake during the surgery. During surgery prep, he asked me what genre of music I’d like to listen to. So I picked Gospel! He seemed quite happy with the choice, and I soon found out he was saved. At some point, however, he put me out as the surgeon burned off the cells in my heart causing PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions). For those of you who are car mechanics, the best way I can describe the effect of those PVC’s is to liken it unto an engine’s spark plug firing while the piston is near the bottom of the cylinder instead of at the top. Following the surgery, the PVC’s have stopped, thank the Lord.

In Panama City, Florida, Bro. Tim M., Bro. Keith J., and I held a three day revival at Bay Correctional Institution. This was the first time Rock of Ages has done so there. I’m happy to say that we were well received by the chaplain and inmates there. We saw 6 inmates make profession faith during the meetings. Each morning, we taught “Character under Construction” lessons, using PowerPoint presentations, with student handouts. In the afternoons, we did bunk-to-bunk visitation in dorms, and conducted preaching services each night. Bruce was one of the inmates that made profession of faith on the last night’s service. I had witnessed to him “in the yard” that afternoon, but he said he was not ready to be saved. Within the next hour, I was witnessing to him again in his dorm. I think he was shocked to see me again! Still, he said he was not ready to be saved. I urged him to come to the service to be held that night. He came. At the invitation, I made eye contact with him, and beckoned him to come and pray with me. He refused. After that, I led another man to Christ. When I got done, I saw that he came forward, and that Bro. Keith was dealing with him. I joined them, and had the privilege of seeing him make profession of faith in the Lord Jesus! Some plant, some water, but God gives the increase!

Bro. Richard P. and I held a Sunday-only meeting at Hall County Correctional Institution in Gainesville, GA. It was the first time we have ever been there, as well. We had a two hour teaching session during the afternoon, again using PowerPoint presentations and student handouts. We returned that evening for a preaching service. Richard and I both preached short messages. Mine was designed to help those who were already saved, while Richard followed up with a salvation message. Three men stepped out during the invitation to receive Christ as personal Savior.

Living in the vicinity of Georgia? Would you consider taking a certification class so that you could occasionally go with us to a prison revival? If so, please contact me for more information. Certification classes for Georgia are held at various venues. I would be happy to try to find one near you. We need volunteers to help us!