Prayer Letter September 2016

South Carolina Blitz …

I’m starting to get a complex from preaching in prison. The last two times I preached were at Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, SC, at the South Carolina Blitz, and I cleared the room both times! The first time, just before I began preaching, an inmate came in and announced “medication call.” All the inmates except one left! Fifteen minutes later, however, they all came back, and 2 inmates made profession of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. The final time, I had just announced my text to around 35 inmates, when an officer made all of them go back to their cells. Turns out an inmate went missing, and our service was destroyed. The devil never quits does he? So, pastor, if you ever need a preacher to clear the room for you, just give me a call!

The Blitz was hosted by Gannt Street Baptist Church, in Cayce, SC, from Tuesday-Friday, September,27th-30th. Each morning, services were held at the church for the Rock of Ages missionaries and volunteers, followed by lunch in the fellowship hall. Here are the statistics for the blitz:

  • 35 Rock of Ages missionaries
  • 52 volunteer workers
  • 7 prisons and 2 jails attended, along with the University of South Carolina campus
  • 1569 inmates attended services
  • 210 professions of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ (many of these inmates were saved during personal soul winning times which were scheduled each day.

We also had a blessed time in Georgia at Baldwin State Prison with 4 inmates making profession of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and at Baldwin County Jail where we held 4 services with 29 men stepping out to receive the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would that I could convey to you the wonderful way God opens the hearts of incarcerated men and women. Many have been brought to spiritual brokenness by the convicting power of the Holy Spirit of God, which makes them eager to hear and respond to the Gospel. I’m blessed beyond measure for the privilege of co-laboring with you dear folks and with our God in this great harvest field. Let’s pray for God to use these men and women in His Vineyard!